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Why do people rush in front of my 18 wheeler, dart in front of me to take an exit ramp?

What’s up with that? Enough people do it every day to me, so I know someone reading this has done it. What are you thinking? Dou you think I can stop on a dime when you jump in front of me and hit your brakes? I get this 100 times a day. They speed up, [...]

narrative paper help! PLEASE!! ?

Before You Get Killed
Kreeeeeek! I heard Megan, twenty yards ahead of me, opening the door of the long abandoned house in our neighborhood. Paula and I sotood staring up at the tall crooked house. It used to be the most beautiful Victorian house in the city. It had long since turned grey, and most of [...]

Can anyone give some critique for the first part of my story?

I wrote this yesterday & I’m having a problem with it. I’m not exactly sure with this & that. Help!
I made each step fluid & silent, so there would be nothing but the sound of the wind. I’ve been traveling for a day & a half, covered thousands of miles with just walking. My good [...]

Would you read this? Is it action packed? Want more? Like it?

Jack paused in the stairwell and held his breath. He could sense eyes upon him and heard unearthly creaking all around him. He clenched the cold, iron crowbar tighter and continued to jog quickly up the stairs. His eyes darted to the darkness that surrounded him and strained to see through it. [...]